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About Us

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No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets our undivided attention—from planning to execution to follow-up. We take a proactive approach to helping you develop a strategy to address your financial goals and objectives, using the most efficient methods available.

Recognizing that everyone encounters challenges along the way, we strive to anticipate and address those situations as they occur. We want to keep you on track toward a meaningful and purpose-driven financial future.

We invite you to check out all the material on our website. If you have any questions, please send us an email or call the office. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our Values


      • Making sure you understand each financial decision you are making and the details that go along with it including transparency around fees, benefits and drawbacks.
      • Being truthful and forthright even when its difficult to verbalize.
      • Being good stewards of your money


          • Helping our clients understand the complexities of financial options.
          • We believe it is important to explain things in simple terms that is easily comprehendible.


          • We endeavor to work through challenges.
          • We understand life is messy, difficult and frustrating at times and our promise is to be with you through it all.

          Building Relationships

            • We believe trust has to be earned and that it takes time to build.
            • Listening in a way where we can see things through your eyes and help you make decisions as if we were in your shoes.

            Innovation & Excellence

              • We believe it's important to always keep up with changing times yet hold true to timeless principles of excellence.
              • Paying attention to smallest of details can have the greatest impact.

              Service to Others

                  • We believe in serving people and the community.
                  • Donate money to local worthy causes.

                  Our Mission

                  Client Centered

                  Client Centered

                  Our mission is to get to know and understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals. We want to help you develop, implement, and monitor a strategy that’s designed to address your individual situation.

                  We understand the challenges families face today.

                  From managing debt to saving for college to retirement, these personal finance challenges can be overwhelming. Our commitment is to utilize all of our resources to help you pursue your goals. 

                  We believe in thinking “out of the box” and we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to investing and preserving wealth. All of our energy, commitment, and efforts are focused on you, the client, and your satisfaction.


                  Our Process

                  PHASE I: DISCOVERY

                  We begin this stage during our initial meeting where we get to know one another. We focus this meeting on seeing your situation through your eyes and letting you get to know us. This is where we seek to understand what your needs and goals are, what concerns you have and what you ultimately want your money to do for you.

                  PHASE II: ANALYSIS & STRATEGY

                  In this stage we give you our analysis of your financial health based on the information gathered from the discovery stage. This is where we will give honest feedback of what we think you are doing well and what we think we could help you make improvements on. After prioritizing where to help you start working and making adjustments we will then begin developing an investment approach.


                  The primary objective of this phase is to begin implementation of your investment strategy. Typically we will evaluate and educate you on a select number of different customizable approaches that we feel will help work in your situation. We will then discuss your comfort level with these approaches and help guide you to the implementation.


                  We monitor client’s accounts on a regular basis to help ensure that they are still performing in a way that meets the intention and purpose implemented. When we discover that a client’s circumstances have changed, or that shifting global markets require a different investing approach, we are quick to make adjustments.