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Our Values

At Covenant Wealth Advisers , we are committed to our foundational principles of purpose, professionalism and education. Our goal is to help make sure your experience with us is second to none. We believe that by educating and helping you understand where your money is going, why it is going there, and what it will be doing for you, that you will maintain confidence and commitment to your investment strategies.

  • Relationship is foundational to success
    • We believe trust has to be earned and that it takes time to build.
    • Listening in a way where we can see things through your eyes and help you make decisions as if we were in your shoes.

  • Innovation & Excellence
    • We believe it's important to always keep up with changing times yet hold true to timeless principles of excellence.
    • Paying attention to smallest of details can have the greatest impact.

  • Transparency
    • Making sure you understand each financial decision you are making and the details that go along with it including transparency around fees, benefits and drawbacks.

  • Integrity
    • Being truthful and forthright even when its difficult to verbalize.
    • Being good stewards of your money.

  • Educators
    • Helping our clients understand the complexities of financial options.
    • We believe it is important to explain things in simple terms that is easily comprehendible.

  • Service to Others
    • We believe in serving people and the community.
    • Donate money to local worthy causes.

  • Perseverance
    • We endeavor to work through challenges.
    • We understand life is messy, difficult and frustrating at times and our promise is to be with you through it all.

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